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    Finishing Uses

    The vibratory finishing and sifting with abrasive granulates is one of the terms for the mechanical removal of substrate .

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    Polishing Uses

    completely natural & biodegradable product mainly composed by cellulose and obtained by grinding and pressing the cob.

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    Sand Blasting Uses

    sandblasts & gritting present on market, corn cob granulates are the safest as they do not create toxic.

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    Pets Bedding Uses

    absorbing litter made by vegetable grains (corn cob) and is ideal for rodents, birds and reptiles.

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    Animal Nutrition Uses

    the necessary vegetable fibres to the diet of ruminants, it can be used for its particular inner cellular structure.

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    Lawn & Garden Uses

    It conserves soil moisture by preventing evaporation, acts as an insulator that keeps soil warm in winter and cool in summer.